Distributor fitting guide

Misfiring after refitting a distributor
Most likely it has to do with the setup of the device when (re)fitting it in the car.
There could fe. be a mix up on the positioning of cables on the cap.

The standard -with contact points- and electronic enhanced distributors (either 25D4 or 45D4) are functionally identical.

Installing a new distributor can best be started from scratch
Please follow these steps.

1  Verify that No 1 cable/sparkplug (front, 1st cylinder from waterpump) is at no 1 TDC.
 To verify this : Both inlet and outlet valves on No1 cylinder should be fully closed. The valve tappets (under the tappet cover) should show play. Double check: on No4 they should be open. Verify that the pulley marking/indicator is on no1 TDC.
2   Verify that No 1 sparkplugcable (when at no 1 TDC) is going to the correct connector on the distributor cap: This is where the rotor points at (when cap is removed!), when at TDC. NOTE: This could well be another one of the 4 than on the 25d4 cap! Plug the cable on the correct position of the cap.
3   Check from this point (where no1 cable is) the 1342 firing order for the other cables. Check/verify -with the cap removed from the distributor- as the engine is being turning over by hand where the rotor moves to (1342). Plug the cables in their correct resp. positions.

Contactbreaker points gap  0.015'' (0.38 mm); sparkplug 0.040"

Electronic distributor: set the sparkplug 0.070-0.080

1725 Alu head engines ( except Holbay) Static timing 7-10 degrees on the pulley,

Electronics igniton installation
The red goes to the + of the coil, the greenor black to the - of the coil.
The original cable from coil [D] to distributor will be replaced by the new wire
The original power leadcable from ignition switch to coil [S] you need to keep on the coil of course.
Most coils have 2 + 2 lucar connectors, if not just make a link.